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Looking for both Newborn Baby Girls and Boys due in July. Twins are great too!
Limited spots available!!
Babies must be available for a session 5-12 days after birth.
In exchange for participating you will receive a disc of 20 high resolution images free of charge as well as a password protected online viewing gallery of your images. I will still have a sitting fee for your session but this is an extremely reduced newborn session that is more than 50% off!!!  Families must sign a model release form allowing Ainsley Marie Photography to use the images for website and Facebook promotional purposes.
For more information please email me at
Smiles, Ainsley


Ok, so I grew up in a sports environment and we played a lot of Tennis, Soccer and I swam competitively for years until “Boys” entered the picture.:) I never played softball and never thought too much about it until my husband encouraged my oldest daughter Madison to play for HLL Machine Fast Pitch last Fall. The Fall was great because it was more instructional which was great since this was our first season. Madison learned to bat from the fast pitch machine and learned some necessary skill AND rules to play a good game. Madison’s coach, Coach John was great and amazing with the girls. Madison’s Dad was able to coach some on his days off from the fire department.

Madison has tried swimming and gymnastics and she never seemed to have that “true love” fire in her eyes for either of those sports. Of course I was secretly hoping that she would LOVE swimming, but hey I only want my kids to play and excel in something that they have a passion for. Words can not describe how much Madison LOVES softball. Her first season was great, she learned the fundamentals and then we asked her if she wanted to play in the Spring. Little did I know SPRING BALL…is a lot more competitive and serious in a way and definitely more time consuming. HOWEVER, since Madison loves softball we were willing to put in the extra time and watch her, and her little team excel in such a great team sport.

Luckily we got the same coach from Fall season…per our request to have the same coach! Plus Madison made some great friends on the team in the Fall so we were hoping to encourage the social interaction of the game as well. I have never wanted Madison to feel the competitiveness of any sports yet but to master the skill and have fun. She has many more years to grasp the competition and let’s just say I’m not ready to start freaking out and feeling the intensity of a competitive world of sports quite yet. I know my time is coming soon.

Our “Angels” named after the Los Angeles Angels competed against several teams throughout the season. There were a good amount of wins and and losses from all teams. Our girls cheered loud and clear from the dugout when their teammates were up to bat and out on the field. It honestly was so sweet and it made me smile and giggle to myself just listening to those sweet voices.

We are on vacation this week in Salvo, NC with my husbands family. This vacation has been planned for over a year now, even before Fall softball this past year. We had no idea where we would be in the world of Fast Pitch Little League Softball. We had no idea that a little seed would be planted in Madison’s thoughts about how much she would love her softball. Well…we waited to leave for vacation til after the last game of the season which is what most little kids beg for…”I want to play in the last game!” And of course we wanted her to play too. We had no idea that the playoffs would be the week we were on vacation. We were bummed but hey, it’s only a game and Madison loves playing and we know she’ll play with most of these girls next Fall for another instructional season.

Playoffs went awesome for our girls…they played in the semi finals on Tuesday night and won and then landed a spot in the finals against a team we found to be our main competition every time we played them. These were the games I sat on the edge of my seat for and like I said earlier, I’m not ready to sit on the edge of my seat. There were some serious nail biter games between the Angels and this team. We went into the final playoff game with this team after winning to them twice and losing to them twice. We were so closely matched.

I still sat on the edge of my seat while trying to keep my nerves down with a game of “Apples to Apples” last night with the Pfeiffer family during the 5-6 hours last night knowing the girls were out on the field playing and Madison and Coach Ryan were here anticipating results from the game. I even texted one of the moms during the 3rd inning to get an update. Got the final text at 6:28 pm last night that our gals has won the championship game 13-3. We all cheered around here like we were at the game…just 5 hours away at a rainy beach in Salvo, NC.

I was so proud of those gals for such a great season and keeping up the spirit! Although I was quite sad for Madison to miss the playoffs I know she was there in spirit because she was thinking of her best gals during the whole game and kept asking me how much time they had left. She has met her match with a sport she loves and when this gal loves something she will learn to Master it.

Off we go, heading back to Midlothian, VA tomorrow to resume normal life and one last half week of school before summer break. We do have our first swim meet on Sunday night so I’m secretly hoping my little Gal Livie takes after her momma and finds that competitiveness spark with her swimming. She’s been practicing in the pool here at the beach getting ready for her first swim meet as a “mini mite.”

I am such a proud momma. All I want for my girls is to be happy and excel in the things that they love. Cheers to all the Angels Coaches for taking the time to instruct such a great group of gals, Cheers to our Little “Angels” for a great softball season and to a fun summer swim team season for my little gal Livie. This chick is tired of sitting on the side lines at her sister’s practices and games. It’s her time and she is ready!

Smiles, Ainsley

p.s. since I’m at the beach my hard drive is at home with all my famous softball pictures, but here is one I do have on my computer and is a picture with a super close friend of Madison’s from school and softball. Thanks to those who sent in pictures this morning to help me finish my blog post. Look at how proud these gals are!


Enjoying some celebration Snow Cones!

And Coach John said if we won the championship game the girls could help shave his beard off! And…they did!!!! Be careful what you wish for!

GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get so excited to catch up with past clients when they call for updated pictures during various times of the year. I photographed this little gal with her cake smash not too long ago and now they are expecting baby number 2 and this gal is going to be a Big Sis…a VERY good one I must add.

This little sweetheart was full of spunk and smiles during our session. My camera just followed her around as she ran through the open field dancing and tromping around in her most adorable cowgirl boots. LOVED the boots!

Enjoy this sweet session and much Thanks to the Breisinger Family for yet another Fun Session! Happy Holidays!

Smiles, Ainsley




Are there any other mom’s out there that struggle with the thoughts when looking through all your photographs and wishing you were in some of those pictures with your children?

 This is totally me and I have missed out on years and years of documented precious moments with my girls.

After editing my last 10 sessions I have seen some of the most beautiful images with moms and their children and have been thinking to myself if I just opened up some space in my calendar to take some photographs, really sweet ones with my gals it would make me so happy.

Do you have a special place in your home? A corner in your back yard? Or a park close by you know your child will feel comfortable playing with you and their own toys? Just pretend I’m not even there. Let me capture those special moments for you to hang on your wall and canvas up and display above the couch in your family room.

A great bonus for signing up during the months of June, July and August since this is a brand new session for me, I’ll be offering a 10% discount plus a free 8×10 of your choice that will come with your disc. After an already reduced price made especially for those moms out there like me…this is a great deal. Treat yourself Ladies. You deserve it! 

Below are some images from a recent session that made me realize how many photographic memories I’ve missed with my girls! Contact me below for more details and to set up your appointment!

Smiles, Ainsley



Finally, after a tough Winter of kids being under the weather we were finally able to get a portrait session back on the schedule. These portraits could not be any cuter and we had a wonderful time hanging out around their beautiful home taking some indoor and outdoor photographs. Again, this mom knock herself out with such a beautiful choice of colors for her session therefore leaving my blogpost with a full color post. The color images were too gorgeous not display of this loving family.

Thank You Huffman family for bringing me into your beautiful home to create some stunning photographs of your children and family!

Smiles, Ainsley